"The painting of Yana Barabash is permeated with poetry. The source from which she draws her inspiration is all that Is, embodied in various forms. In creativity, the form acquires flesh and blood, look and character: images are born that amaze to the depths of the soul with their sincerity. Here and now we share with the artist the joy of new discoveries of the surrounding world, contact with it.

Does the artist determine being or is being determined by the artist?.. Here everything is so closely interconnected, the boundaries are so thin and transparent that the question disappears by itself. The surrounding world for the artist is nature that encourages creativity, where everyone and everything can become characters in the endless history of the world, which is written by the creators. Here, Yana lives with a fairy tale, myth and the past, which are manifested in the images of the present in all its glory. And it's so touching that you involuntarily get lost ...

Where does all this tenderness and all this miracle come from? ..

The brightness and saturation of color, the accuracy of the brushstroke, the depth of perspective, the well-balanced composition, the detail, the innocence and eroticism of nature reveal the artist's gift in integrity. Self-portrait as a way of self-identification. Who am I? What am I? Acceptance of oneself as an object of a work of art, as a creation.

Plunging into the works of Yana Barabash, you involuntarily find yourself in the end of the nineteenth century, somewhere outside the city, in the village, awakened in the early morning by a painter who draws village life and its inhabitants, and all these works are either frames of some old film that you already managed to forget, or your past itself ...

Entering this space of art, as in a lost but promised Eden, the artist becomes something more than just a person, he becomes a creator. It is the creators who give us the joy of discovery, sincere surprise from the familiar world, the inescapable hope that we can make this world better. They give us the most important thing, without which a person cannot be considered alive - the opportunity to dream."

Anna Litman